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Pro Pet Train Is A Trusted Animal Trainer specializing in Dogs And Horses In Bunnell, FL, and all surrounding areas

Our trusted animal trainer is here to set you and your animal up for success in the long run, not just for a short-term fix

Pro Pet Train Inc founded by an award-winning professional animal behaviorist and trainer focusing on proven positive reinforcement techniques. All of our training techniques are backed by  a foundation of behavioral science. Courtney Festa, our founder of Pro Pet Train, strives to work with owners who want long-term positive change in their pets. When you work with Pro Pet Train, you’re choosing the go-to person for sustainable change. 

Courtney on stage with green parrot
Best Pet Care


Have you worked with animal trainers and nothing has worked? Whether you need training for personal relationships in a home or for winning the hearts of animals in public settings, we strive to provide you with guidance and enrich the lives of the people and animals we share our lives with.

On-Site & Off-Site Training

Our training sessions are personalized to meet your goals and the issues you and your pet are experiencing.

Board & Train Programs

Board & Train programs are in a home environment at our ranch facility.

Boarding & Play Dates

Pro Pet Train also offers regular boarding and play dates that have to be scheduled by appointment and availability only.

Who and Where Do We Help?

Pro Pet Train is located in Bunnell, Florida. We service the surrounding areas from St. Augustine, FL, to Daytona Beach, FL, and provide professional services to zoological facilities nationwide.

Best Pet Care

What Sets Us Apart

Unlike other animal trainers that offer temporary solutions, our team ensures you are set up for a lifetime of love with your pet. Like humans, animals don't respond well if you don't treat them respectfully. That's why Pro Pet Train offers training methods that focus on positive reinforcement of the behaviors you want in your pet and not using shock, electric, or prong collars, so you'll see long-term results.

Dedication Is Key

Our team provides education and tools for you and your animal so you can stay dedicated to your animal, and make their lives the best they can be. Your animal may only be part of your life for a short time, but you are their entire life. 

Stay Educated

Pro Pet Train will educate you on behavioral science, which naturally lays the foundation for all types of healthy relationships.

Be Committed To Your Animal

You are the advocate for your animal. We will help you prepare, and be able to stay committed to your pet's wellbeing so they live the best life possible. 

It’s been less than 48 hours since we had our training session with Courtney and it’s been the best 2 days we have ever had with our dog! We still have a long way to go, but she taught us amazing training skills and behavioral insight that has made a world of difference already! She is a phenomenal trainer and we can’t thank her enough!!!!! You are the BEST, Courtney!!!!! Many thanks from the Camacho family!

Christine Camacho

Office Manager

Does Your Animal have Behavioral Issues?

Our team understands that animals deal with issues just like humans. One of the crucial things behind behavioral problems is understanding the motivational causes, and helping your animal live their best life. 

How can you help, check out Behavior Saves Non-Profit, founded by Courtney Festa. Behavior Saves focuses on helping the animals without a home have the best chance possible with training and behavioral modification. Behavior Saves strives to support local rescues and shelters through education by setting both animals and people up for success behaviorally. 

Learn More About Donating On Behavior Saves